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Attorney Robert Wolf has been practicing law for over 15 years, and has experience defending clients at the Federal, State and Local levels. He interned in the Prosecutor’s Office, which gives him additional insight into what it takes to take apart and beat a criminal case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert Wolf fights for justice and to defend the Constitution. He sincerely believes in what he does, and in helping every client to the best of his ability. Every case is important, and he understands how much is at stake for every client.

Proven Results

In the time that he has been practicing, DUI Attorney Robert Wolf has successfully helped almost a hundred clients charged with Driving under the Influence. He uses pretrial motions and discovery to find holes in the State’s case, and goes to trial when necessary.

Not every case can be won, but most can be negotiated and argued down so that you can receive far more favorable results. You don’t have to prove anything at trial, because the burden us on the State to meet every element. The State has to give your lawyer all the evidence they plan to use at trial, which gives you a chance to prepare a solid defense.

DUI Evidence

All DUI cases depend on certain kinds of evidence that must be provided by the State’s witnesses. The first element of the case is operation, and sometimes the State charges you with driving under the influence when there are no witnesses that you were driving.

The State must also prove that you were under the influence. There may be a physical test, and you may be able to fight the evidence or how it was obtained. If there is a problem with the chain of custody, the judge won’t let the Prosecutor use the evidence.

There are also sobriety tests, and the State’s witness must prove those were administered correctly to even get them into court as evidence. All of these pieces of evidence can be searched for flaws.

A Lawyer Fighting for You

DUI Lawyer Robert Wolf takes pride in how accessible he is to his clients. If he can’t immediately take your call, he will return your call as quickly as possible.

If you are facing a DUI charge, call The Wolf Law Firm, for personal attention with proven results.

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