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When federal crimes are violated, charges are exclusively brought in federal courts. Federal crimes aren’t necessarily worse than state law crimes, but they are often prosecuted more rigorously. This is because the federal government has more available resources to pursue convictions than the New Jersey state prosecutors, and also because federal prosecutors tend to be more seasoned attorneys.

Convictions for federal crimes can also lead to more serious long-term consequences than state-law convictions, because federal criminal records are more easily accessible and automatically disqualify someone from federal benefits. There are nine classes of federal crimes, ranging from serious felonies to minor infractions.

The federal court system does not operate the same as the New Jersey state court system. Federal courts have different rules of evidence and procedure. Therefore, it is important for defendants in federal court to be represented by an attorney that understands the rules of federal court and has experienced handling federal criminal defense.

New Jersey federal criminal defense Attorney Robert Wolf understands federal laws and has a deep knowledge of the rules of federal procedure and evidence. If you have been charged with a federal crime, he can ensure that your rights and interests are protected throughout the process. Call the Wolf Law Firm today to schedule a consultation at (856) 425-2777.

What New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert Wolf Can Do for You

  • Explain your legal rights and options to you;
  • Explain the federal prosecution process to you;
  • Investigate the facts of your case to uncover any possible defenses;
  • Protect your statutory and constitutional rights by filing appropriate motions and other pleadings with the court;
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to have charges dropped or reduced; and
  • Vigorously represent your interests at all stages of the prosecution.

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If you are facing a federal criminal charge in New Jersey, federal criminal attorney Robert Wolf can help. Robert is an experienced and skillful litigator, he understands federal court rules, and knows how to handle a federal criminal defense effectively. Attorney Robert Wolf is devoted to providing thorough, accessible, and effective service to each of his clients.

The Robert Wolf Law Firm is located in Westmont, New Jersey, and serves clients throughout the state. Attorney Robert Wolf also handles cases in municipal and state courts. To schedule a consultation, call the Wolf Law Firm at (856) 425-2777 today.

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